Second Stab: Embers
“Sins Unknown” / Spring Offensive
“Not Drowning, But Waving” / Grass House
“The Boredom Rose”

We’re really pushing this thing to the absolute limit now, aren’t we? By that, we mean stretching this confounded Second Stab idea to the point that we can generally write the hell what we like about whatever the hell we like, in conjunction with the whichever the hell rules we feel like making up and confining ourselves to. See, kids, when you embark on journalistic endeavours, you have to adhere to what is known as a “remit”. We only discovered what that word was supposed to mean (if you care, it’s a super-technical-sounding word that, in this context, generally describes what a particular music publication likes to feature; so Metal Hammer’s remit will be substantially different from, say, Bliss Magazine’s remit. It is also the be-all-end-all excuse to not feature something editors generally dislike without them having to actually say they dislike it. So, budding blog editors, don’t like something a prudish music pusher is pressing on to you? Remit their asses) about three years ago from a lovely beareded gentleman called Ben, who later went on to become King of Rocksound Magazine, presumably on account of his knowledge of remits and other genuinely impressive accolades. Anyway, thing is, the whole point of this thingy is to big up sweet tunes without doubling back and giving them the Track Of The Day treatment which we probably already gave them. Does anyone apart from us actually care? Not really, we’re guessing. In which case, listen up:

Embers are from Manchester, are a three-piece now a four-piece, are cool, and fucking hell do they know how to rock. And the way they do that is hard, ladies and gentledudes. They’ve recently saved up some money and printed up a limited run of two tracks; one called Tunnel Vision which we’ve blathered on about at some point this year (we think) as a Track Of The Day, and a new one we’ve not clapped our ears onto before called Sins Unknown, which feels like a cheeky Foals-via-Bloc Party kinda number with some Three Trapped Tigers-type powerful and epic musicianship, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that. We dig. Turns out we’re not the only ones who do; Mr John Kennedy over at XFM latched onto this early-doors and has been playing the shit out of this track on his trusty XFM platform, as have the taste-makery types over at Amazing Radio. Many a fellow Music Roboteer have been pushing these, so it’s only right and proper that we get our act in gear and fall in line.

Embers – Sins Unknown


Quite possibly the hardest-touring band in….whatever musical sphere they choose to occupy, our very favourite thought-provoking lyrical types Spring Offensive seem to spend more time globe trotting than anything else. We can also confirm that they’re possibly the most well-mannered and smartly-dressed vocal harmonists that we’ve ever encountered in a live situation, and indeed lead singer Lucas Whitworth has the monopoly in the suspenders/goose-stepping market. Even more reason to be weary of this lot is the recent announcement of new single Not Drowning, But Waving, the video of which serves as a brilliant follow up to the preceeding visual rendition of their last effort, Worry Fill My Heart. Get familiar with it below.


Another one of our personal favourites who we’re delighted to hear are back and booming it up harder than ever before; and by that, we mean they’ve got a goddamn single coming out real soon. Grass House, led by the maniacal and moustached Liam Palmer who at one point genuinely thought their previous single was called Single during the big sell and/or plug at a Camden Barfly show during the last winter months, return with yet another cinamatographically-impressive video for new track The Boredom Rose, which similarly to the Spring Offensive video above prominently features a man in a bath, albeit in a more ponderous fashion as opposed to borderline-self-harmingly. Rather than revealing a new sound to the guys despite having been a bit quiet in recent months, this is indeed a furtherance of that Nick Cave country-rock styling that made us fall in love with them in the first place. Ye can catch em live at Madam Jojo’s on Tuesday 11th September as a single launch special from buzz-band promoter White Heat, so you should probably just do that.


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