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Interview: Olympic Swimmers

It feels like a bloody lifetime since we initially bigged up Glasgae’s premier dreamy power-indie outfit Olympic Swimmers right here on the Killing Moon bloggington. Or maybe just a lot has happened since May. Great Escape for example, that happened. Summer happened. We can remember specifics of what happened in the summer, but it definitely happened, because according to our Cliff Richard calendar (if you don’t own one, GET ONE) it is now September. In that summer, rather conveniently, the actual Olympics definitely did happen – in fact, we dinstinctly remember going to see some diving warm up thingies in the aquatic centre, but sadly not actual swimming. Otherwise we’d probably have a really interesting anecdote to somehow marry up to these guys rather than the generic waffle we’re typing this very second. Anyway, has the summer been as fruitful for our Scottish troubadors? Well, seems that they gone and built themselves a label called Green White Violet, ended up releasing their debut album called No Flags Will Fly on said label (ambitious in the face of the general Olympic fever that gripped the country for about a month or so), and are now prepping themselves for a single release off that very same album called Knots which you can listen to below.  In fact, they’re making this a free-to-download effort between th 17th September and 8th October via the band’s bancamp (click the link above), after which presumably you’ll have to pay bucks to get at the bugger. And what else? They’ve recorded with a MPG-winner-guy called Paul Savage, and played some shows with Idlewild and Admiral Fallow, that’s what. And now they’re chatting to us about some deep, mind-bending shit.

Could you introduce yourselves for the hi-brow readership of the Killing Moon blog?

I’m Jonny and I play drums for Olympic Swimmers.

KM: That’s cool. We prefer drummers, especially the concise types. We used to be one.  A drummer, we mean. We’ve never been that concise. We could just go on and on and on about that very topic for no reason whatsoever. Drummers are the best, and blatantly the most important member of any band, which is obviously why you’re talking to us right now innit.

Olympic Swimmers – Knots


Favourite release of the last 12 months, and why?

If you mean music release then I’d probably go for Mid Air by Paul Buchanan. The Blue Nile are one of my favourite bands and I love his voice, the album is nothing but him and a piano, absolutely beautiful stuff.

KM: We did mean music release; funnily enough, we’re a music blog, so apologies for the lack of specification as we simply assume people know what we’re referring to when we utilise the word. We’ll be more careful next time. What did you think we meant, out of curiosity? An emotional release? A prison release? A kinky release? Like, if you’re at a bus stop and someone asks you “is one coming?”, you do realise they’re talking about a bus and not, well, something else, right?


Favourite show of the last 12 months, and why?

I was playing Heineken Opener in Poland with another band and was lucky enough to watch Bjork from the side of stage. Her vocals were spot on and she had this incredible all female choir backing her up, also had a huge tesla coil hanging above her which was buzzing away in sync to some of the synth lines. She played All Is Full Of Love and I nearly melted, not just one of the best shows of the last 12 months but one of the best I’ve seen ever.

KM: Hang on – so how come you knew we’re asking you about a music show here, but the release-thing has left us in a right pickle? Are you lampooning us? Is this a simple lampoon? Anyway, we’re prepared to forget the whole damn thing on account of you giving us a reason to post up the kinkiest video ever made, and co-incidentally one we’ve not seen in quite some time.


If you could moon anyone, or anything, who or what would it be?

I’ve had a chance to moon quite a few moonable figures in the last year or so, I guess I regret not mooning Noel Gallagher.

KM: Unlucky mate – Google just gave us an image of Noel doing the moon himself. So, basically, he’s mooning you. The irony.

You’re about to be killed. You get to pick one song to hear before your inevitable demise. What’s it gonna be?

That’s pretty grim. I was going to google the longest song ever recorded but I’ll just go with my gut and say Plainsong by The Cure. That would be a lovely way to die.

KM: Right on.


Killing In The Name Of, or Dark Side Of The Moon?

Killing In The Name Of is a song I’ve heard 100 times too many and I’m not a fan of Pink Floyd so I’ll go with The Killing Moon by Echo and the Bunnymen if you don’t mind.

KM: Funnily enough, you’re the first person to come up with that in the last year-and-a-bit. Well done you clever fellow. Nobody has said Under A Killing Moon by Thrice yet, so to reciprocate your defiance in the face of our bold questioning, here we go…


Knotsis released on 8th October via Green White Violet.

Thanks to Camilla @ Theo PR.

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