The ostensible genre of ambient music – one of the few genres that we’re grateful for its given nomenclature as it generally feels to us wholly-descriptive, like drum and bass for example, and therefore easier for our tiny brains to process – is one that we’ve always struggled to come to terms with. Frustratingly, during the vast majority of 2010 when a site called Altered Zones was around stemming out of the Transparent stable of dreamy-pop weird compellingness, whenever we’d get suckered in by the easy and often calming listening that said ambience had to offer, we’d often turn up to shows featuring that act in question and just stand out like a sore thumb with a deeply confused look on our mugs. People seemed to be getting off on the aesthetic of icy-cool imagery coupled with the rise of manipulatable iPhone-style photography/instagrammery/whateverthefuckeryitscalledthesedays, and we’d feel quite left out as we simply weren’t hearing what those people clearly were. Has anything changed? Quite possibly. With the meteoric rise of prolific characters in the genre, such as Grimes, perhaps our inherent musical elitism has finally given way to similar sounding artists – given that we’ve spent a sizable proportion of time today listening to Draper demos, shortly followed by Grimes and then that new Ellie Goulding track, it seems more plausible that we’ve been caughts unawares by a sound that we used to just widely ignore. Franco-Canadian type Fawkes certainly looks poised ready enough to start her own campaign to grab the crown of the genre. First off, she’s from Toronto. Well, she moved to Toronto. Canada is cool. Secondly, there’s a strong look about this lady and she’s not opted for one of those partially-shaved head motifs yet which gives her image-cred in our eyes. Thirdly, the music reminds us of Sylver Tongue, Alpines , Annie Lennox (if we put Grimes again, we might get done by the music police; believe us, this has happened before), and she seems to have that easily-touted-but-not-easily-emulatable Bjork vibe about her person. Fourthly, she’s done something with Snoop Dogg (and/or Lion) and got props from the man/dog/cat himself, who comments at about 1m17s into the track that “shit is right”. We would give almost anything to have him say something remotely similar to us. So, that’s four lots of cool. Even we can’t belly-ache with that.

Fawkes – Ekno


You heard. Shit. Is. Right.

Snoop Dogg feat. Sarah Fawkes – Let Me B Tha One

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