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The Drowners
“Long Hair”

We were a bit silly yesterday. Instead of staying in and working our little bean bags off (although we did that kinda anyway during the day), we headed out into the mean streets and tough leaves of Ealing Broadway to be with our peoples. Ultimately, we ended up at a wine bar called Crispins that features a piano-playing midget (plus piano) as you walk in to the most-compacted, over-crowded, and highly-male-populated wine bar in the West London area that you ever did see; and before you start, we were having San Miguel. We only have wine when it’s free, ya dig? Anyway, the space being small, and the people many, seating was at a premium. Our little gang successfully managed to displace an old dude who was all to ready, willing, and somehow able at 1am to offer up his arrangement – we suspect that this really had more to do with the outnumbering female contingent of our gang, for as quickly as the good samaritan had offered up this wooden table and about an ass-cheeks’ worth of seat, he was asking what we had done to be so deserving of such wonderful company, which resulted in insinuations that we may well be gay. This pretty much confirms to us that the concepts of healthy platonic relationships are dead to the minds and hearts of the eldery members of Ealing’s late-night wine-drinking populace. Appropriate soundtracking to our increasingly-common Saturday hangover and memories of yesterday evening comes from Brooklyn darlings The Drowners and their care-free summery guitar tune Long Hair, as recommended to us from our mate Geth from The Vestals. We were delighted to learn that this is in fact the new-ish project from former Muscle Club guitarist Matthew Hitt, who amongst other things is a male catwalk model, baseball cap enthusiast, and all-round Welshman. By the sounds of it, things are going pretty well for this intrepid leather jacket-donning bunch, picking up plaudits from dudes like Brooklyn Vegan, landing a support slot or two with The Vaccines, and also finding the time to release an EP by their lonesome called Between Us Girls, from which our current Track Of The Day is lifted. Cool. If you’re into your Ramones, Telekinesis, Fences, underrated Chris Schifflett side project Jackson, general feel-good dancy guitar tunes, or indeed The Vaccines, don’t be a dick and just grab a download of this.

The Drowners – Long Hair

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