“Purple Trees and the Green Rain”

It has taken us a full two days of laying off the sauce to recover from Festibelly – that’s what drinking in the daytime right through to throwing possibly the freshest moves we’ve ever been capable of at a 2am silent disco will do to your constitution. We may well have recovered on-site; however, camping with the masses in a shorter-length-than-us pop-up tent (although owning one is awesome) left us vulnerable to bastard passers-by who felt the need to tickle our feet that were only ever so slightly pertruding out of the canvas and into the unpredictable night air. Ergo, we did not sleep and subsequently felt real bad over the next couple of moons. It was rad though. Draper did well, as did homebrews Bluebell, The Operators, Mr. Yuill, Mt. Wolf and several others that we got jiggy with – in fact, the whole first day of festivities was positively jam-packed with electro-pop-rock gems, which nicely leads on to current Track Of The Dayers Emma who hail from North London. They are, co-incidentally, the second ever band we’ve become aware of to actively feature the girl’s name Emma, albeit probably in a much more serious and less-potentially-litigious context than Eye Emma Jedi. Are they as good though? Self-described as a “psychadelic electronic rock band” suggests they’re not really aiming for the same audience; however citations of Trail Of Dead and Deftones as their favourite bands helps us appreciate that they know their shit still, and generally there ain’t nothing wrong with repping Deftones. A few spins of Purple Trees and the Green Rain tells a different sonic story however, with rife and multiple underlying elements inclusive of Dom, Pet Shop Boys, New Order Ian Brown and a bit o’ Silversun Pickups (we were also going to say Tim Burgess, but seeing as we don’t really like Charlatans, that’d be a bit like calling a new buddy you’ve just met an absolute C-word) that flow through the free-to-download EP that they’ve just just made available. Generally, we feel this lot belong on the soundtrack to the eventual remake of Blade Runner, and we’ve only said that about, like, two other bands before. Perfect recovery music.

Emma – Purple Trees and the Green Rain

We couldn’t avoid this one either.

Emma – Kisameen

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