Competish: Win 1234 Festival and Deezer Stuff

Hot diggity-doo-dah-day, do we ever have a sweet, sweet competition for you chaps to tuck into today. Let us break it down for ya. The 1234 Festival (in association with Deezer) takes place in London’s Shoreditch Park on Saturday 1st September. You with us so far? Yeah? Jeah. At this festival, being a music event of sorts, you will find that there are some bands, some DJs probably some funfair-style ferris wheels and bumper cars, and, if last year’s event was anything to go by, you may be lucky enough to find a Ginger Joe (purveyors of alcoholic ginger beer and fake orange facial hair) tent with skiffle musicians (both named Joe, of course) playing bar-covers of pretty much any pop tune you care to mention, so long as you sing along with them or they’ll make a big deal out of it. As a bit more of a certainty, you’re much more likely to catch some awesome up-and-comers by way of acts, which include some of our favourite buzzy band types Crocodiles, Dirty Beaches, La Femme, Gross Magic, The Proper Ornaments, Let’s Wrestle and Visions Of Trees. We could list more, but then we’d literally just be copying the entire line up.

This year, ya might have noticed Deezer are involved. Deezer do streaming-on-demand music stuff, and you can check out their wonderful player-widget by clicking here.

So, in celebration of that, we’ve teamed up with the aforementioned to offer one lucky winner a prize consisting of 2x festival passes for this year’s 1234 Festival (no accomodation or travel included in that we’re afraid folks) AND a free 6-month Premium + subscription to Deezer chucked in for good measure. So really, that’s a lot of free music stuff being chucked your way. Which is nice.

All you have to do is email with the subject header GIMME DEEZ MUSIC STUFF MANGwith the answer to the following question:

Which of the following is NOT an artist that’s had release on Killing Moon Records?

(A) Bluebell

(B) Worship

(C) Rex Manning

(D) Strangers

(E) Eye Emma Jedi

Hint: It’s not A, B, D or E. You idiot.

Competition closes at midnight on Thursday 30th August, with the winner being picked at random from those clever enough to answer the above correctly. We’ll email the winner with details on how to claim their super prize, and remember you must be free to travel to and from the festival on your larry.

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