“Tied Together”/”Escape”

Something a bit more relaxing on the big ass Killing Moon stereo, or headphones stuck into a laptop socket, depending on how you look at it. Lordy knows we need it. We’re allowing ourselves to be emotionally compromised by things that in the large scheme of things don’t really matter. We’re succumbing to Facebook politics. We’re lashing out at those who have always been the way that they are, yet we’re taking issue with their ways for some reason right now. The two are most definitely intrinsicly linked to one another, as grumpiness generally begets further and probably more vitriolic grumpiness. We should probably adhere to that Eagles bloke’s sage advice – Don, or something – where he once told the world to not let the sound of its own wheels drive it crazy, and this probably applies to those who live in or on it. So, with those themes in mind, a bunch of kids from Queens in New York have come up with some rather trill tunes appropriately-titled Tied Together in respect of our beget-ish chat and Escape to illustrate our desire to leave certain things in our wake. Goddamn, we’re dramatic. Anyway, as double whammies go, consistency seems pretty high up on the agenda for this bunch called Neonfaith, and one of the most striking aspects is very much centred on the mellow and harmonious vocals displayed on both tracks. Generally, think along of the lines of Haim working along the lines of Polarsets-style tropicana in one respect, and Mr Little Jeans having a go on a minimalistic Friends vibe in another, and hopefully you’ll feel as calm as a Hindu cow as we do right now.

Neon Faith – Tied Together

Neon Faith – Escape

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