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Sailor & I
“Tough Love”

Sat out in the sun for a littttttle bit too long yesterday. Had to be done though, right? I mean, look at all that grubby shittiness going on outside, trying to lure you outside with the promise of slightly-warm air then instantly threatening your vibe with pissy-rain clouds. Outside thinks we were born yesterday. We were born bloody ages ago, and we’re staying put and gonna get our work-flex on whilst watching Sink The Bismarck! in the background. This contrast of moods is nicely soundtracked by Stockholmers Sailor & I who appear to be tearing both the blogosphere and interweb a new A-hole by virtue of their orchestrally-epic track Tough Love, which in fact received a first play on Radio 1 just the other day. So generally, these guys have got it going on, assuming that they are [all] guys. This track is lifted off an EP these dudes released all the way back in February, so you’ll probably be right in thinking we’re a bit late picking up on this. Then again, we usually are, so if you are thinking that, chill out. Further word on the street is that they’re in the process of recording a follow-up EP which should be surfacing rather soon. Sound-wise…for one of the first times we’re struggling to identify an undertone of any comparative influences or artists. Could be because of the sun-baking yesterday, and subsequent brain-melting. Seriously, it could be. At risk of getting laughed at, it could be described as The White Album doing Mercury Rev doing Bon Iver doing.. an orchestra. There. Go ahead and laugh. But listen to this brilliant, brilliant track.

Sailor & I – Tough Love

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