[Track Of The Day: Beatie Wolfe "Never Ever"]


THIS WEATHER HUH? And guess what we’re doing on this latest installment of Too Fuckin’ Hot To Sleep On The One Day We Could Actually Sleep? Go on, have a go. Nah? We’re INDOORS. We made a feeble attempt to rustle up some of our Ealing chums between the hours of 10-11am, which involved sending a group message clever disguised as an individually-targetted text message so as to solicit an actual response (hey, we’ve all done it right? And more to the point, it bloody works. Works like a charm), only to discover that half of our friends have decided to get girlfriends – seriously, how selfish can you get? Next they’ll be having a birthday or some shit like that – and the other half have gone and made plans without yours truly; one guy even asked us to a barbeque happening today, and took somebody ELSE’S cancellation as an indication that we weren’t going either, and has decided to go and watch football instead. Well, fuck you world. We’ve got Beatie Wolfe and her feel-good hit of the summer to make us feel alright. Ms. Wolfe was introduced to us – indirectly, of course – by our mate Drew who rolls with Mr Little Jeans a while back and admittedly we’ve not been keeping up with developments as well as we should have been. To be fair, we’ve been busy, but we all know that’s a terrible excuse. Anyway, long-ish story short, in-between getting her live game going, predominantly in the cool music bars of New York as far as we can tell, Beatie Wolfe has found the time and made the effort to drop a rather charming uke-tinged and bittersweet-lyric’d pop tune called Never Ever. We’ve just now mentioned a ukelele – so that’s your Jack Johnson covered right there in respect of your summery vibes, and there’s bits of Eliza Doolittle there for further emphasis. Also, she’s made a pretty cool vid in what appears to be Brighton, unless that’s not the Pavillion and is in fact the actual Taj Mahal. We have been fooled before. She hits up London by way of a headline show at The Jazz Cafe on 30th August.


Beatie Wolfe – Never Ever


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