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Dan Bodan

Having, um, “relations” with members of the opposite sex – or the same, if that’s what you’re into – can be tricksey, if you’ve ever tried it that is. The early stages of instigation are a right mind-fuck as you try to work out how to make the other party reciporicate your vibes; these are known as “love games“. Thankfully, a man from Germany that likes to be called Dan – or Dan Bodan, even – has decided to come along and just lay out what exactly needs to be done in order for him to sleep with you, and soon-to-be-released single DP (could he actually make his vibe any clearer to you?) may well be the modern antithesis to Meatloaf‘s I Would Do Anything For Love, where Mr. Loaf breaks down the limitations of what he is prepared to do in order to bed that lady in the video where he’s a sort of vampire through an elaborate lyrical system of Q&A’s. Both very forthcoming in their own way, we’re sure you’ll agree. Anyway, we quite like Dan, and not just due to his lyrical flow. The music reminds us of an combinative emalgumation consisting of varying parts of Grimes, Twin Shadow (in fact, this is the most-similar thing to the Twin that we’ve encountered in, well, ever), Killing Moon homebrews Niteflights and we’ll also chuck in James Blake for no particular reason other than his name cropping up in the press release we’ve been sent. We don’t seem to be the only fans either – online-wise, you’ve got The Guardian and Dazed, who have already laid down their props in tribute to this very same track, and we’re told 6music are pretty into it. No suprise then that DFA Records have just gone right ahead and snapped this dude up, and as we’ve kinda mentioned already, this gets a release proper on 20th August. Which is next week, innit. Nice. NICCCCCE.

Dan Bodan – DP


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