Farewell JR

Farewell J.R.
“A Thought, A Mind”

Those clever cloggers over at Amazing Radio have developed a neat habit of pipping us to the proverbial blogging post by about a week or so when it comes to us featuring the same acts. If this game were a 5000m race around the Olympic Stadium, they’d blatantly be Mo and we’d be some little Harry-Come-Lately choking to catch our breath whilst they steam ahead with wonderful winning facial expressions. The bastards. We will get one up on them one of these days. But not today. For new Track Of The Day A Thought, A Mind from Cambridge dude Farewell JR was gotten and suitably spun by presenter Dani Charlton just yesterday, but in better news for us at least they’re not weeks ahead of us in featuring the same guy this time. Following a 5-second bit o’ research into this handsome devil (got a beard yo), we’re delighted to learn that this is in fact an international collaborative project of sorts headed up by the gentleman depicted above, by recruiting a trio of musicians based in Australia, which as a musical region is in serious danger of overtaking our spiritual/musical pretend-home of Brighton if they keep this level of shit up. Combining elements of lo-fi with acoustic pop, as well as some digital/orchestral sounds, we’re left with images of Bon Ivor shooting the shit with Oberhofer when it comes to this lot, with Alt J (damn, we named them AGAIN) supervising proceedings. Which, having just written that, confirms to us that we are indeed losing our minds slightly. Still, as long as we’ve got stuff like this to soundtrack such mental degredation, going mad might not be so bad after all.

Farewell JR – A Thought, A Mind



Farewell JR – Mannequin Teeth


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