“All Too Real”

So, we’re back. You missed us, right? Sure. SURE. Since our arrival back in to jolly-as-shit-cos-of-the-Olympics-innit London we’ve had pretty much zilch time to rest up, which is annoying because we’ve brought that perpetual state of mongness that you get after a boozy holiday by the coast, and that usually requires like, oh we dunno, a day of doing fuck-all to get over. In between now and probably-Saturday, we’ve got to fit in all the work we should have been doing whilst we were away (which generally involves a shitload of emails, so look out y’all), tidy our goddamn room, fix our ruddy business debit card which apparently expired despite saying 20fucking15 on the front, crack open this £7 box of Lucky Charms that we purchased whilst down in Falmouth (and maybe even eat it), all before we head off to see Eye Emma Jedi destroy the Vans stage at Boardmasters (yes, we’re going back in precisely the same direction from which we just came) in celebration of releasing their debut UK single on Monday via yours truly, followed by private birthday antics and more box packing before having to cart a lot of our shit to Hammersmith next week. So, really, song titles for an apt-Track Of The Day don’t come much more poignantly than Aussie bloke Harts and his frantic synth pop anthem All Too Real. This is yet another one sent to us by PR Nick, who, given the consistency of Antipodean repertoire that he’s flung our way, loves Aussie blokes in a massive way. And who can blame him, particularly in this case? This is another one of those tunes we can visualise on the soundtrack to Vice City, or indeed it’s blatent silver-screen counterpart, Drive, by utilising all the best elements of the modern faux-80’s genre – there’s bits of KM faves The Operators knocking about, some Wolfgang anthemic songwritery, and the vocals lands itself in the space seperating Passion Pit and Strange Talk – in a way, this could be the male equivalent of Ronika. They should go out. Says we. Get some.

Harts – All Too Real


Nick’s pointed out the below is his favourite song in the WORLD.

Harts – Back To The Shore

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