[Track Of The Day: GuMM "Lionheart"]


Today pretty much marks the first day of the rest of our lives. As we prepare to move into our first proper digs for Killing Moon, going legit, bona fide etc, we’re today finding ourselves pondering (which really we spend a great deal of time doing anyway) about the events that have lead us to this point over the last two years-ish, when really we should be packing for our wee excursion to the countryside/outside the M25. We’re just going to say right now that we’re eternally grateful to everybody who has read a post on this blog, bought a record, come to a show, chatted to us, sorted us out, criticised us, fought with us, or laughed with/at us since we started this thing. It has been emotional, with any luck it will continue to be, and we’re looking forward to doing some serious shit in the near future. Days like these need a suitably epic and feel-good Track Of The Day, and shitting hell do Bristol’s GuMM ever fit the bill with their loud’n’proud offering Lionheart, which in fact gets it’s own release treatment through the Howling Owl label on 10th September. Being from the same hood at Idles should instantly give you the vibes of how good these guys are going to be. We’re hearing elements of The Joy Formidable, Embers, Little Death – basically all our favourite guitar bands from the last 5 to 6 years, leaving this lot with a chance of making that same list if they keep this kind of thing up.


GuMM – Lionheart

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