“The Light”

ToLiesel are a band from Oxford fronted by a guy we used to hang out with on a semi-regular basis called Jack. We say this because he used to play drums for a guy we used to manage. We remember him because he was always full of questions, self-motivation, and had an alarmingly-large collection of flowery shirts that he really wasn’t that afraid to wear, particularly during live performances in front of a fair number of people. We guess that’s just how Jack rolls, or rather how he rolled 2 to 3 years ago. At best guess, he now rolls with ToLiesel in a different manner as we can’t spot a single flowery shirt in the numerous pictures we’ve seen of this band, and also he’s not on the drums this time round. Funnily enough, we actually know someone called Liesel. She used to work at a law firm vicariously tied in with an indie label group we interned with for a very long time indeed, and was pretty much ordered to hang out with us. We can only assume this band is named after her, because we don’t think anyone else in the world is called Liesel, and that’s the way it’s gonna stay in our head. These guys sound like KM faves Spring Offensive (which conveniently allows us to play on the whole being-from-Oxford thing) and current Track Of The Day The Light does in fact remind us strongly of a Jamie Ley (now recent Track Of The Day-er Eden Ley) track that we really can’t remember the name of, but it’ll come back to us. Add to that combination the echoey-ass guitar tones favoured by indie stalwarts Morning Parade, for example on the track A&E, and you’ve got yourself a boom-ass Track Of The Day. The remix below from Message To Bears does wonders as well – fans of Postal Service and/or Freelance Whales may well want to eat their own hearts out whilst listening to it. Do yourself a wee favour and download the bugger while it’s still free to do so.

To Liesel – The Light

To Liesel – The Light (Message To Bears Remix)

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