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Maybe Myrtle Tyrtle
“Another Night”

It’s not great to be feeling this run down on a Monday. We’d usually expect to stave off the grind of the working week until at least, like, tomorrow. But we had a boozy weekend. Yessum. Three nights on the trot – or rather, one night (Friday) and two daytime drinking sessions which led us to effectively write off our evenings owing to the festive daytime activities. Not that we’re complaining (we blatantly are), but this is all the Olympic’s fault – Saturday’s trip to Richmond was due to a tragically-failed attempt to go see some bikes in the park, and Sunday was our Coca Cola mate sorting us the fuck out for courtside seats watching USA kick the crap out of France in the men’s basketball. We have never watched basketball before. We imagined Jay Z to be there. He wasn’t there. Michelle Obama was though. Coca Cola Mike’s Canadian friend was also there and bought a lot of £4 bottles of lager from any vendor that had any on their person, which resulted in us being pretty much in the silent-phase of boozery by circa 4pm due to consumption at a rate we could never normally hope to withstand, or, indeed, repay. We promise we will buy him a beer the next time we see him. Anyway, approrpriate soundtracking for our weekend adventures and the ultimate feeling of dispair when we realise just exactly how much work we were supposed to do but didn’t for obvious reasons comes from the interestingly-vowelled Maybe Myrtle Tyrtle and their current Track Of The Day Another Night. These guys played with our mate Damon Valentine just yesterday at Young & Lost’s live giggery that happened at The Defector’s Weld in Shepherds Bush shortly after a decent slot at this year’s Secret Garden Party and Tramlines festival, so we’ll take the association both vicarious and implied as a good sign that this lot doesn’t do too badly in the live department. It’s a shame we missed it, but we had to see about Michelle, obviously. From what we’ve been told by certain attendees, both in the contexts of recording and live settings, that they come across as a bit like Noah & The Whale, but with a guy that occasionally sounds like the bloke from Interpol; we’re getting this all wrapped in a folky-pop backdrop that reminds us of Bear Driver quite a bit. We should probably try to catch them the next time in that case, right?

Maybe Myrtle Tyrtle – Another Night

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  1. maybe myrtle tyrtle

    Sounds like you had a weekend like mine!! I got dispaced for Michelle twice in 3 days, what a pisser. Next MMT London gig is at the Old Vic Tunnels on Sunday night supporting Watsky, the fastest rapper in the world. Gonna be a good one. Thanks for listening and see you there x

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