“Running On”

The last two or three days have been the most enjoyable we’ve experienced in recent memory. As we’re mentally preparing ourselves for the next step up in Killing Moon’s rich and fruitful tapestry – admittedly a step that we never thought would actually happen, particularly in the circumstances that currently exist and those that have inadvertently led us to this point – we’re mindful of the tasks that lay ahead and to appreciate everything that has happened in both our personal and made-up professional existances since we started this bitch; we don’t want to forget what has happened, or those irreplacable talented friends of ours that have allowed us to get this far via our incessant mooching. We’ll still be Jenny from the block, trust. We like to think so, anyway. As a result, we’re taking the time to generally do stuff that doesn’t involve music, at least prima facie. The Olympics, for example. We’re big into the Olympics, in that we’ve ended up booming it up in at least two torch relay situations, watched the opening ceremony like the rest of the world, and very nearly laid eyes on the cyclists blasting through Richmond park today, although we got up too late and had to settle for a riverside boozefest. It’s like someone activated the summer vibe to co-incide exactly with these sporting events. Appropriate soundtracking comes courtesy of London bunch Thievery via current Track Of The Day Running On, which, if we’re spin-doctoring our words as we so often do, somehow has something to do with sport. Kinda. Intern Adam came up with this one, and straight away we can see why they’re being held in such high esteem – capturing laid-back, sun-drenched, chair-reclining indie guitar brilliance in the same way we suppose Two Door Cinema Club have, and Eye Emma Jedi are definitely doing (PLUG), the confidence of youth is channelled through 3-or-so minutes of excellence, much in the same way that we’ve witnessed Lovepark and Theme Park (alllllll the parks) delivering in the last year-and-a-bit. No idea on a live staging for these cats, but believe us when we say we’re very much planning on getting involved in this context.

Thievery – Running On

Wicky-waa. There’s more.

Thievery – Illusionist

Thievery – We’re Just As Bad

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