Continuing our latest spontaneous theme of super-young indie bands from Australia what sound proper good – no consistency in our in-depth coverage of this antipodean influx of great tunes and sweet vibes, but hey, get over it – we’re going to focus our Mordor-esque eye of justice on dream-poppers SURES. Sure. Having scanned said sweet vibes off our good buddies Laissez Faire Club earlier this week, we’ve rebutted at least in our own minds that dream-pop may in fact be a real genre after all. And by that, we mean something actually worth listening to, thus differenciating from a lot of the bullshit that somehow got hyped up circa 2010. Lifting the title track from an EP by the name of Stars released back in March of this year, rather than being akin to the stuff we’re clearly not a massive fan of as we just mentioned, we’re finding ourselves reminded of Track Of The Day’ers of yesteryear The Circus Sands in terms of feel-good summer vibes, a bit of Proper Ornaments and/or Yuck for your lo-fi kicks, and a bit of that Cult song that everyone knows but can’t remember the name of. S’good. S’summery. Get into it.

[bandcamp track=1180246646  bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]

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