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Years and Years
“I Wish I Knew”

Super-relieved that, on today of all days, new Track Of The Dayers Years and Years decided to reach out and touch us. Yes, it’s inbox-delivery-goodness time. Yes, we were struggling for a Track Of The Day just over 10 minutes ago. We are human. We struggle. In fact, we thrive on struggling. We’re cool with that. However, following a brisk conversation with Pater Familias Killingus Moonus (watched a bit of the old HBO’s Rome last night, didn’t we?) just yesterday, we’ve become aware of a pattern that has developed somewhat nicely over the course of our adult life that despite the sheer cock-ups, failures and downright unluckiness that we’ve been led to believe we’ve experienced, we’ve somehow managed to land on our feet each time. We wish we knew how this pattern came to be. Obviously Years and Years do too, which is clearly why they’ve named this tune in aid of this sense of general bewilderment in the first person to give it a greater sense of personal gravity. Thanks guys. What’s better is that we’re planting the flag right here, right now, and declaring that these guys are on the up, and we most definitely want IN. We’re getting a vibe of Bombay Bicycle Club, Fyfe Dangerfield, I Dream In Colour, Theme Park and we’ve also got written down here “kinda like an upbeat Alt-J but please actually try to not mention Alt-J. You always mention Alt-J when it comes to quirky music that you just cannot find the words to describe in any other way. You plank”. So there. Hopefully you get what we mean. If you don’t, rest assured that this is a delightfully inventive slice of indie-pop that can only bode well for this brilliant London-based bunch.

Years and Years – I Wish I Knew

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