Little Scout_FI

Little Scout
“Go Quietly”

You might remember a little while ago we were banging on about Australians and one in particular who was egging us on by proxy to do a write up about a certain band they rate, which just so happens to be current Track Of The Day’ers Little Scout, who just so happen to be from Brisbane. Well, we’ve done that thing again whereby we don’t move our asses nearly quick enough and the big(ger) boys claim first (UK web-based) blood on this special lot, as our protagonists have of late been given proppy plaudits from none other than the mighty RCRDLBL chaps – this is a bit like getting merked Amir Khan-style in blogworld. Well, okay, it really isn’t. At least it isn’t for us. But we’ve got that reinvigorated, self-imposed pressure of maintaining that on-the-cusp-right-here-right-now image since we’ve been rolling with Music Robot – see earlier post if you have no idea what this means. Then again, you might not remember any such thing; your mind, like ours, may be loaded with things like Bruce Springsteen in Hyde Park, the impending Olympic thingy, names for pop singles labels that don’t exist yet, that sort of thing. So in that case, let’s focus for a minute, shall we? With a video accompaniment on the way, this is one of the most ambitious pieces of indie-popness (let us know if you know what that even means) to arrive at our ears since we first encountered Bluebell. That being said, this is an altogether different animal. This is Lykki Li’s Mario to Gold Mask‘s Luigi. Grimes‘ Legolas to Friends‘ Gimli. As an interesting counterpoint to the song’s somewhat-jagged composition, this is a ridiculously catchy tune and certainly an act we’ll be keeping tabs with.

Little Scout – Go Quietly

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