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Night Manager

You know what the shitty end of the running-your-own-thing-by-one’s-lonesome stick is? On brilliantly sunny days like this, you still have to fucking stay in and work. And by work, we actually mean it this time, as we’ve been recently been informed that “parking yourself on Facebook all day doesn’t count as work” – which is interesting, because it’s our understanding that certain people do actually get paid to do just that. They’re called social media managers or something – so we’re fixing our attention on doing monthly accounts, which is as grim as it sounds given that we’ve lived on the proverbial soup-and-bread line for quite some time (no offence intended to those who actually do live on the real soup-and-bread line, we meant that in the middle-class-spoilt-brat-now-attempting-to-actually-stand-on-our-own-feet context) and really on serves to amplify how shitty this end of the shitty stick is. We mean, our parents are currently booming it up at Hop Farm Festival thanks to the event’s wonderful organiser/booker, and we’re stuck here bitching on the internet. Ah well. We chose this life. And at least we’ve got the latest Brooklyn super-hotties Night Manager to keep us company, along with Wimbledon in 3D on the tellybox which is making typing really hard whilst wearing these damn goggles, by virtue of their game-changing EP called Ghosts, the title-track of which just so happens to be our current Track Of The Day. Slung our way the other day by our buddy Sam (we really do have a lot of buddies, huh?), we’re connecting to this slice of summery haze via the medium of projected wavelengths not too far removed from that of Best Coast, Pixies, Friends and a birra Warpaint for our sins. There is of course that added element of NYC cool  that whips us all up into a state – and yes, we’re very much suckered in by the guy who looks like a Wesley Willis reincarnate – so you might as well save yourselves the trouble later on and get into these guys now.

[bandcamp track=2090446470  bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]


[bandcamp track=3380737296  bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]

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  1. Sam

    If you listen to it enough, the last track turns out great too. Also, Platonic Lovers’ chorus sounds like “We can be retarded lovers.”, which would be way better.

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