Certain bands are not easy to find on t’interweb. Keeping track of some of those bands is even harder. See, it’s nigh on impossible to keep track of most things when you’re running your own shop. Right now, for example, we’re buried in invoices, contracts pertaining to a certain producer-buddy of ours, purchase orders and chequebook stubs (fuck this all feels a little too real now), and we’re having a slight sinking-feeling in our insidey bits when we turn our thoughts to end of year matters like taxing our own asses. That’s just one aspect of what we do – the other bitch of running a label largely by one’s lonesome is keeping tabs on who’s-saying-what-about-something-to-do-with-you, or Google Alerts for short. One of the biggest mistakes we’ve ever made was attempting to track any and all mentions of StrangersIt Was A Sin and If I Found Love – occassionally, we were rewarded with a blog post mention from France or some other fanboy of frontman David Jones’ previous exploits, but, largely, we got fucking done in with a lot of evangelicalistic rhetoric of how we’re all going to heck (apparently). Worship provided a similar conundrum. Round about the same sort of time Drive were trotting along the online globe – round about this time last year, by our estimation, which is mental – we took it upon ourselves once more to try to get clever about it with our good friend Google. Then the film happened. Also, it doesn’t help that the word Drive can more or less fall into the everyday-usage-by-a-lot-of-people category of wordsmithery. Following the recent rebranding into Entertainment, we can categorically tell the world we’re not falling for it this time. No siree. Our inbox is between 90-% 97% capacity at any given time, and we’ll be goddamned if we’re going to invite that kinda party into this crowded house. Instead, we shall simply focus on the now-London-resident four piece’s latest offerings under the new guise they’ve opted on – for why, we don’t really know, but that’s really none of our beeswax – which for all shapes and purposes pretty much sounds like Drive. And by that, we do mean good things. Scuzzy guitars and lazy summery vocals vis-a-vis Yuck, Pavement and other assorted guitar dudes are incredibly condusive to this annual phase that we seem to go through round about now just when festival season is setting in. We’re very glad indeed these dudes are making music again; rumour has it that they may even play an actual show that’s not in St. Albans. Go geddum, Sounds Of Sweet Nothing. Gowaaaaaan…

Entertainment – Shine (demo)

May as well. Turn your speakers up a bit more for this one below.

Entertainment – You’re Still In Me(demo)

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