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Eliza And The Bear
“Brother’s Boat”

We have exactly 20 minutes to write, format, source pictures and embed codes for and, ultimately, flounder about this here blog post. Why on earth are we feeling so pressured at this point in the evening? Well, several reasons, seeing as you asked. No, it’s cool, we’ve got time. We’ve been in meetings non-stop this week. Seriously. We’ll meet you for just about anything – a chat, a deal, shameless flattery about what a great job we’re doing, it’s all good. Also we spent a good few hours shouting at the telly watching England do some shit and somehow defeat Ukraine to actually rise and finish first of a qualifying group in a major international tournament for the first time in, like, a while. At which point we realised that despite the inherent jubilation that follows, our workload doesn’t diminish one bit – specifically, we gotta make some remix CDs and generall get our shit together for one special show tomorrow that we’ve been looking forward to for a very, very long time. Bluebell, that is. Ballyhoo. Crazy shit. The relevance, therefore, of today’s current Track Of The Day accoladers Eliza And The Bear is relatively simple compared to the long and drawn out extrapolations we’re usually guilty of. Quite simply, this Essex lot are supporting Bluebell. So they’re more than alright by us. The music being somewhat superb helps quite a bit too. We’re getting a whiff of Dry The River and To Kill A King, coupled up with a band who used to be called The Locarnos but we can’t remember what they’re called now for love nor money. If we were to be more honest, we’d go as far to say that we can hear a teensy weensy bit of Taking Back Sunday in here, especially at the beginning, but then you lot would call us more weird than you already do. And we don’t want that, do we? Not tonight. We’ve got too much to do. You, on the other hand, can go right ahead and download this lovely track, seeing as it’s free as a bird.

Eliza And The Bear – Brother’s Boat

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