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The Family Rain
“Trust Me…I’m A Genius”

Well, somebody had fun this weekend. We mean us. We had fun. This weekend. As if seeing Draper shake his booty-hole to a shitload of people, many of whom were crying uncontrollably for fuck-knows what reason, wasn’t quite enough excitement, we also took ourselves over to the complete opposite side of London (20 stops on the Jubilee line in just over half an hour has GOT to be some kind of record) to catch our possibly-generation defining pop-punkers Blink 182 bouncing around a lot more than the last time we saw them at Reading Festival. Then – THEN, dudes – to top it all off, we’ve got the latest pride and joy of Killing Moon, the mighty Bluebell, dropping their double-A side single Normal Heights/Cinderella on the world within a matter of hours. Technically tomorrow, but realistically at midnight. Soundtracking our trail of glory and fundom is demo-submitter types The Family Rain and their quite-frankly game changing new tune Trust Me…I’m A Genius. Extracting cleverly-coded information from the aforementioned communique from this troublesome trio – well, not really, they pretty much just told us what was happening straight up – brother Tim has revealed to us that these three chaps are in fact, um, brothers. Which perfectly explains how they manage to look remarkably similar to one another. Funny that. The sonic booms of bluesier rock outfits like Band Of Skulls, Cold War Kids, Black Keys, Broken Hands and Kings Of Leon (yeah, we are playing on the whole brother thing now) may be similarly explainable by the early involvement of producer Tom Dalgety, although we’re pretty certain this doesn’t account for what an impressive introduction this is for a new band all on its lonesome. There’s something in the water indeed. Now, go buy a Bluebell single, ya bastas.


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