Low moon low

Low Moon Low
“Slow Train”

Super dooper speedy-quick cha-cha-real-smooth Track Of The Day for you tonight kids. Not because we’re in a rush. Not because we need a wash (although we really do, considering how much of London’s grimey underground and overground we’ve encountered today). It’s because we MUST SLEEP. And having just typed that we realised we cannot sleep after this, for we must do the guestlist for Club Killing Moon tomorrow night. Be careful what you wish for kids. While today was another chapter in the current story book of this-that-and-the-other, the best part about it is that we got to hang with some really cool people – some relatively new faces, others that we simply and unjustly haven’t seen in quite some time –  and, quite possibly for the first time in a spell (excluding what we pour out onto this here blog of course), actually said what we really thought in respect of questions asked instead of trying to get all political on people’s asses. We may have said this before, but it really is liberating to not have to answer to anyone “above” us, and we fully encourage everyone else with similar aspirations to do the same. It takes time to get this cocky though – which leads us nicely onto our own literary interpretation of the song title Slow Train from current TOTD dudes Low Moon Low (and by gum, do we love stuff to do with moons). We’re pretty sure they speculatively emailed this bugger in, but given the constant and perpetual state of fatigue we’re in, we just can’t really be that fucked to find it right now. We distinctly remember, however, one Paul Savage being mentioned, and we’re inclined to think that he may well have had something to do with the production of this mournful indie anthem – indeed, quite possibly as a producer. Who knows (apart from them, obviously)? Let’s lay this down real quick before we retire – is it possible to describe quirky, inventful indie guitar music without mentioning Alt-J these days? Probably not. But let’s chuck in undertones of Mogwai, Doves and one of our favourite and most-underated recording bands of yesteryear called Bicycle Theives, and you’ll arrive close to exactly what we think about these dudes.


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