Seriously fuckin quick TOTD post for you today (we’ve even abbreviated the subject matter there, which we haven’t done in a spell, mainly as several PRs have told us they’ve confused it for something football-related. A music PR dabbling in football terminology? Whodathunkit). Heading out for a blitz of meetings with our guy Draper in a sec. Well, maybe like five minutes or something. Anyway, let’s talk about Idles who were at several points over the last week referred to us as “a band from Bristol that are actually very good”, whatever that means. A quick peruse of their Facebook page and we’re admittedly disappointed that several of our mates seem to have been following these dudes for quite some time, and yet we only get told about it recently. REAL MATES. Although they might well have told us to check them out ages ago and somehow got lost in the Big List we’ve got stashed on our person of allllll the bands we’ve ever heard of. Starting to gather props from our buddies Generator, and like we say most of the company we generally keep, current Track Of The Day Meydei gives a flavour of Bloc Party‘s debut album taken to ruskier and generally heavier heights, with elements of Joy Division available in both a sonic and lyrical sense. This should have indie-disco kids spinning around in Death Disco’s up and down the land, if it doesn’t already. Right, we’ve really got to go. Get familiar with the clip below.


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