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Olympic Swimmers
“A Curse Or A Blessing”

Goddamn, organising festival stages is hard man. We mean, man, everyone wants something literally all the time, don’t they? And they save it all up till after they’re good and boozed and needy after the bank holiday weekend, don’t they? The bastards. We’re pretty much one of “they”, but still. A solicitor buddy recently told us to relax in regards to our soon-to-come-to-fruition involvement in the imminent Great Escape festival happening this week.. It’s supposed to be fun. Yeah, it’s fun when you’re daydreaming this shit up, but when you’ve actually gotta do stuff, like, read long-ass emails (and there are a lot of them), pay invoices, make CDs (doing that right now, funnily enough) to hand out to people far more important than we’ll ever be, actually reply to those long-ass emails, go see about a girl, come back home, do more of the aforementioned and variants thereof…what on earth is fun about that? Still, let’s set aside our bellyaching for a minute, and set our minds into daydream mode a bit more by virtue of Glasgow’s Olympic Swimmers sending waves of tranquility into our massive dangly earlobes. Inadvertently repped by one of our most-favourite musical cities, and even more inadvertently and more recently bigged up by BBC Radio 1 DJ Ally McCrae (who is an absolute pleasure to deal with by the way, and you can find out for yourself when he spins discs at Jeah! on Friday), we’re picking up frequencies along the wavelength of We Were Promised Jetpacks mixed with Scanners on current Track Of The Day A Curse Or A Blessing, which seems an incredibly appropriate heading for most if not all the business activities we’re currently engaged in. No reports on a London show yet, but this could well change in the immediate future, or in fact already be happening due to our distinct lack of background research. But that’s why you love us, right?

Olympic Swimmers – A Blessing Or A Curse

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