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Death Rattle
“Do As You Please”

We had a bit of an intense non-issue chucked our way today; it being the weekend and all, we’ve opted to do bugger all; and by bugger all, we mean stay in, watch telly (fuckyeah Chelsea), eat chicken, work and drink beer all at the same time – we decided to decline several invites to attend the annual Camden Crawl by virtue of the fact that we’ve a shitload more preparation still to go for rival industry ramble fest The Great Escape next week, but also we just simply couldn’t be buggered as we’ve just partied way too hard this week. Anyway, this non-issue attaches itself to the following being brought to our attention by several parties that seem to care a hell of a lot more about it that we honestly ever could; apparently, we’ve a blog-ringer out there taking the proverbial mick and “copying” our Track Of The Day features band-for-band, in that within precisely one day of posting up something up on this site that the same subject matter will appear on this other one. The 0.001p question is this – do we mind? Not on your Nelly Furtado. Quite the opposite, in fact. One of the stimuli behind starting this operation in the first place (other than we really didn’t have anything else better to do at the time – what were we gonna do, find a real job? Duh) was the idea that in this business, you can’t talk about new artists that you find genuinely exciting/commercially viable/sexy/whatever lest “the competition” gets a hold of them due to your big mouth. We say, fuck that. Music doesn’t belong to any one person (knocking our extensive educational background in intellectual property laws right on the bonce there), especially in blog world. Shit, the whole point is to help get these dudes going in the first place, so overall we’re just gonna say this is a sign that job’s a goodun. It’s only really due to the fact that someone, at some point (we really can’t remember who at this stage, but it was probs one of the Amazing Radio lot), told us about electronic duo Death Rattle that we’ve come to write about them right now. Musically, the right boxes are being checked hither and thither, and from our perspective the influences are comparable to some of the best in show; we’re talking Lykke Li meets Fever Ray in this instance. Extending the musical namechecking even further but delving into aesthetics territory carries on the theme of prominence in our minds – we’re thinking along the lines of Alpines, Paper Crows and Killing Moon hombres Curxes, all of which touch upon the ambient electronica present here as well as some of them going on the whole boy-girl duo ensemble. So, a strong vibe coupled with a strong look. Plaudits, as you might expect, have come flooding in from both the online world and specialist radio (does 6Music count as specialist these days?). Our Nandos-chicken-filled-gut stomach is telling us that with such an elaborate personality established through this great clip for Do As You Please – the release of which is imminent, as in next week, ahead of some kinda live show in London on 29th June – there’s not going to be a lot to stop these guys invading your earlobes again and again in the immediate future.


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