“Hair Of The Dog”

What do the emotionally desheveled, the spiritually-vacant, the insomniacs, or the recently-heartbroken (or, indeed, those experiencing all four at the same time, who we can broadly call overglorified and/or self-indulgent music fans) listen to at midnight mid-week exactly? Music that makes them think about life even more than they already do of course. In that way, new bloke Rousseau meets that particular criterion in fine style. We know literally bugger all about this chap; although we can infer by the brightly-lit and rather picturesque clip for tune Hair Of The Dog that he spends a lot of time baking under the Californian sun – indeed, having just briefly spied upon the man’s Twitter page, he does seem to talk about that particular American state and Los Angeles quite a bit in reference to his live outings, specifically that he’ll be supporting Snow Patrol on at least two outings in that neck of the woods. To be honest, we haven’t got the slightest idea how we heard about this. To be even more honest, that doesn’t actually matter. He is very much a man with an acoustic guitar in this instance; musically, it feels like Jack Johnson getting a bit more urbanised rather than beachy on your ass, and rather nicely singing you out of the biggest hangover that you’ve ever had. If you do actually know the deal with this guy, do let us know, because quite frankly we’re sold on this just being an acoustic number, and we simply gots to know and hear more because we’ve got a feeling there’s a lot more to this going on in the background.


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  1. Joe Jones (@JowJones1)

    Ahh James Rousseau, I know his mother well. He’s an ex-model trying to make it big after losing out. He comes from a little town called Much Marcle (infamous for being the birthplace of Fred West – serial killer) He was a builder, got picked up by a modelling agency and did that for a while.
    He got too old for modelling, went into singing.

    On another note, ever heard of Jean-Jacques Rousseau? Well he’s his direct descendant.

    If anyone wants anything else message me I’ll get hold of his mother. 😉 (I’m serious)

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