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Emperor Yes

What. A. Day. Given our previous weekly mindset of doom and gloom, run-downess, and the standard mid-week fatigue, we were suprised to find out that laughing maniacally for a couple of hours at the sketch-comedy repertoire of Wit Tank (well done for making it to the Elgar Room at Royal Albert Hall boys) did us a world of good and left us in the mentality of a hyperactive schoolchild having just been informed that they’re off to Disney World the following day. Why? We don’t know. Sometimes it’s just good to laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of everyday life. Other times, it’d good to listen to music like that of Emperor Yes – and yes, again we feel we should have been on this sooner, but hey we’re slowwwwwwly working through that list of bands we hear about from no-one in particular on our smart-ass phone. For context, this is the side project of Three Trapped Tigers‘ own Adam Betts, who has teamed up with production-bod Ash Gardiner and metal bloke Hugo Sheppard (unusual Killing Moon specifics come courtesy of the lot-more-on-it Saam over at Faded Glamour) to bring forth this beast. And what a stonker it is – take the aforementioned’s inherent erratic musical style and mix it with a bit of Work Drugs-style easy vibes, and you’ll join us in the happy places we’re currently occupying whilst listening to these two bad-ass muddas.

Emperor Yes – Fishes

Emperor Yes – Wasps

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