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Zoo Zero
“Green Apples”

Bit ill today chaps. This may have something to do with burning at both ends for a ridiculously prolonged space of time. Or walking around East and North London in the cold-ass rain for quite a bit. Or bumping into and hugging Gary Lancaster last night. Or all three, who knows. Either way, we’re sat up in bed right now looking at the weird-ass clouds occupy an otherwise sunny skyline backdrop and generally checking out all kinds of new shit that have been sent our way, all the while trying to ignore the additional workload presented by an ever-active mobile phone, that we’re pretty sure it largely responsible for getting us into this mess in the first place. All of which has absolutely bugger all to do with current Track Of The Day’ers Zoo Zero and their tripped-out indie tune Green Apples lifted from the same-named three tracker EP that was released not to long ago. Since it’s release, plaudits and big ups have arrived from the usual new music suspects – the VPME one one hand, the NME on the other, suggesting that  a barrage of letters is what band’s need to get ahead in this day and age – which is why we’re obviously adding KM to the mix. Simplicity seems to be at the core of Green Apples (chortle chortle) – while the intro, at least in our sick mind, for some reason reminds us of that spaced out intro that the Blues Brothers do when they’re coming on stage, the sound occupies a time-space continuum present between the late 80’s and early 90’s; if we were to hazard a guess, this would be the kind of vibes Husker Du and Modest Mouse would make if they were taking a lot of hallucinogens together and listening to The Beatles a lot; given the clear psyche references going on, we’d feel bad if we didn’t mention this was reminiscent of our favourite American light-fantastic-trippers Chappo. A perfect soundtrack for a day like this.

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