Snake & Jet_FI

Snake & Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band
“Black Egg”

Goddamn, you guys. That was some kinda party last night. Tipping up at the fashionably late time of, like, 8pm or somming like that, we got all kinds of thrills in bearing witness to Strangers layeth the proverbial smacketh downeth on the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen and all that sailed in her. And judging by the photographic evidence documented by yours truly, there were an awful lot of you sailing in her. Assuming it’s a her. Special props should also go out to The Ghosts and Swiss Lips, but especially Draper for somehow getting his own lady-entourage contingent to all wear the same tshirt whilst giddying up to his liquidstep. As a result of these good times, we are hanging like Sylvester Stallone on a cliff and subsequently having to give our buddies at Xtra Mile’s party at the Barfly a miss in order to play catch up with everything else – however, this is not necessarily a bad thing as we have Strangers‘ XFM session and interview to tuck into later this evening, and until such time we have this wonderful laid-back psyched-out tune from Copenhagen’s (if memory serves correctly, which at this point it might not be so apologies in advance if we’ve ballsed that one up) Snake & Jet’s Amazing Bullit Band. Aside from several citations of greatness from our pals at Amazing Radio (with whom we recently did yet another panel sesh with, hence we’re nicking all the good bands they tell us about for blogging purposes) and comparisons to Fujiya & Miyagi (probably) courtesy of their acid-trippy flute-tickled rock’n’roll thing, a source of great appeal for us to these particular Danes is their love of silly names – band nomenclatures aside, naming a track Black Egg, which appears on an album called Stuff That Rotates, which is released on a label called Crunchy Frog, has got to win some sort of accolade for the sheer seeming-insanity of it all. But for whatever reason, it works. It really bloody works. Get familiar below, then catch them at The Wheelbarrow on 10th May.


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