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The Record Summer
“An Enormous Anger Grows In Brooklyn”

Boy oh boy, are we mellow right now. We don’t think we’ve moved from this very same spot in front of the telly in our living room for the past two days. But yet we’ve managed to get so much stuff done that we’re carrying that smug sense of accomplishment about our person for round about the same time. Think of us in that zen place that an expectant mother might be during a hippy swimming pool birth; calm as a hindu cow, for want of a better phrase. Assisting us in our quest to keep things super-trill are new Track Of The Day’ers The Record Summer; our buddy/distributor/SXSW correspondent Chris Duncan (he’s got two first names for a whole name) actually included this lot in his recent review on that very festival, in the context that he partied far too hard to actually get round to seeing them, so we thought we’d just go ahead and pluck them out for the TOTD-singular treatment – and with good reason. The Record Summer are all about violins, bitter-sweet lyricism and intense performance delivery, and the brilliantly-titled An Enormous Anger… is no exception to this. If you’ve ever been moved by Sufjan Stevens, secretly quite enjoyed Mumford & Sons or been completely blown away by Bon Iver, then you may well want to get involved with this.

The Record Summer – An Enormous Anger Grows In Brooklyn

Dos. This one’s called Barricades.


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