Premiere: Greenhorse
“White Dust”

Well, this is a turnout for the books. Another full 24 hours during which, at least in theory, we should have had plenty of time to allocate towards finding a reasonable point to post up our second ever, and co-incidentally consecutive, video premiere thingy whereby we get to proclaim ourselves kings of all things new-music-ish for at least another 24 hours. Big yay for us kids. To differenciate from last nights’ proceedings that led us to this unholy hour of posting (although probably not for our American buddies, who are most likely just clocking off from their daily grind right about now), we had a blast at tonight’s monthly Club Killing Moon at the Bull & Gate with Coasts, John J Presley (keep your eyes on this dude), The Phantom Runners and Acres Of Lions (whose offer of couch-surfing in Canada we’ll very much be taking up – believe it), but further joy was had in announcing our stage at this year’s Great Escape in Brighton with our good chums Euphonios, Strongroom Alive and The Recommender. Not so much joy was had (resulting in us rolling with this a lot later than expected) upon learning that our sort-of government decided to make everyone panic-buy petrol for literally no reason whatsoever, other than showing us exactly how idiotic we are and how quickly we react to made-up shit. Anyway, let’s concentrate on the joy shall we? Enter previous Track Of The Day heavyweight championship belt title-bearers Greenhorse, and the brand new video for ambience-flagbearing tune White Dust. Those bright-light-big-city synth aspects as previously described – your MGMT bits, your Health elements – are still very much present here; but add to the melting pot a semblence of Jane’s Addiction and/or The Music and you’ll begin to appreciate the step-up in this particular outfit’s game with this effort. We’re also pleased to put a visual aspect to all of this, in that a large part of the below clip involves watching three members of Greenhorse positioning themselves in what appears to be an isosceles formation, and for all shapes and purposes finally putting a face or three to the music. If you’ve never stayed up till the sun’s come up, we recommend that you do that at some point this year and have this on loop whilst you’re doing it – it’ll probably make a lot more sense that way.


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