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Premiere: Cinnamon Girl

Yes, we realise we’ve pretty much missed an entire day within which we were supposed to post this up. Forgive us, again. It really wasn’t our fault this time. In fact, we checked with the very people to whom the fault in question can very much be attributed to (this one’s for you, Misch, Chris and Emilie) that we could just go ahead and blame them for our current predicament, which in all honesty is weighing up the fatigue that is more or less guaranteed to kick in around this time of night regardless of whether the clocks have decided to go backwards or forwards in the last few days, against the booze imbibement that took place contemporaneously (the latter of which pretty much explains everything). Anyway, you don’t care about that shit. You want to hear good tunes. Well, good tunes is very much whats we gots. In fact, we’re experiencing a degree of booze-related smugness in delivering todays Track Of The Day as a premiere of a new track entitled Friends (which of course smacks of relevance to tonight’s proceedings) from Danish-born Cinnamon Girl, who quite frankly already strikes us as the sort of credible artist that pop may well be yearning for in these days of X Factors, Whoever’s Got Talent and that Voice thingy where Jessie J is actually allowed to pass judgement on other people (we haven’t watched it yet, and we’re praying we never have to). Except that pop probably doesn’t realise it just yet. But it shall, if there is (we live in hope) a modicum of justice in pop music – popjustice, if you will. For Cinnamon Girl, aka Camilla Roholm who is now resident in our very own London, much like one our other favourite pop starlets Ronika, is very much to be taken on face value in that she writes, records and produces her own stuff including this tidy number – this may sound straightforward enough, but it simply isn’t to this sort of standard, especially for this pop derivative charged with clubby synths and articulate strings. Soundwise, we’re talking pre-colloquial drugisms Madonna (i.e. when she was good) and somewhere along the topline we’re hearing a bit of De’Lacy‘s Hideaway – switching to the visuals, for reasons that may be obvious to us but probably not to others who don’t make a point of obsessively tracking musicians’ careers, we’re 80-90% convinced Camilla is related to recent major label signee and previous Track Of The Day’er Foxes singer Loui Rose. Get familiar with what we’re on about via the video below, then head along and download it for free from the gal’s bandcamp.


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