Introducing: Draper

It’s a fact of life that things inevitably change. People change. Minds change to accomodate altered senses. As the sun sets on one thing, it rises on very much another, if you will allow us to get into our post-Sunday lunch emotional turmoil. In music world, genres are constantly evolving into whatever popularist opinion wants it to be at any particular point, with of course the ever-useful hand of music and mainstream media always being on hand to nudge people in the “right” direction – just in case, y’know, people can’t make their minds up for themselves. The ostensible genres of of emo and hardcore just about cover what we’re on about here; about ten-ish years back, just when we had got out of our Nirvana phase of life (as you do)  and Napster (think of that as Spotify before Spotify was Spotify, kids) began to happen, we began to identify bands such as At The Drive In with the former and Sick Of It All with the latter as far as the rock genre sub-divisions were concerned. Fast-forward about five-ish years later – the Nirvana phase was still intermittently there, Napster got fucked by Lars Ulrich, and somewhat surprisingly in our eyes and ears, Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance were the kings of emo, and just like a reed bending in the winds of changing opinion hardcore had changed into The Movielife. Now the scene has seemingly chosen a new noise. While we cannot ignore the impact and subsequent influence of dubstep into the alternative genres (admittedly, this is despite a deliberate attempt to do so), perhaps largely in part to that chap Skrillex having grabbed lock, stock, the freaking lot of them by the balls, it seems younger music fans in particular are  looking to electronic music to get their teenage kicks. Because of the huge surge in home studio music production equipment? Because frigging with a copy of Garageband is easier than picking up a guitar (it’s not, by the way…)? Because of the recent decline in guitar music on the airwaves, simultaneous to the rise of the blogosphere? Because people are actually allowed to like more than one form of music regardless of any of this? Who really knows. The point is it is happening. Perhaps one of the fastest-rising and intriguing young producer in this next-generation alternative genre we have seen in the last 6 month’s is a music technology student from Kent by the name of Draper


We should probably come clean now. It’s no real secret that we are a big fan of this guy’s work – and we’re not just banging on about the trademark sounds that he’s currently touting about called liquidstep (which we miserably-yet-hilariously attempted to describe in the most recent installment of the Strongroom Sessions). Alongside a four-track EP released at the beginning of February this year on Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes’ label Drop Dead (it came with a pretty cool tshirt as well, as we recall) which should go some way to supplement what we were trying to say above, following a self-released The Introduction EP circa one year ago, additional plaudits have been directed towards the soon-to-be Oxford Brookes University alumni (no pressure then) by way of his remix work – somewhat obviously, but nevertheless most clearly in our mind, his reworks pertaining to our own alumni in form of Worship and Strangers. The online presence credited to Draper, even at this very early stage of his musical career, is nothing short of impressive and the sort of impact an unsigned artist would stay up to the break of dawn wishing for, in absence of little or no support from a third party we might add. Aside from all this glitzy information, the incisiveness of the music is matched by the calibre of what we perceive to be contemporaries – if you’ve, for example, followed or even just seen around names such as Jamie Woon, Four Tet, James Blake, or Starslinger, you can more or less count on this chappy’s own moniker to crop up in a similar fashion or even alongside them in the immediate-to-near future. See, it happened just now!

Worship – House Of Glass (Draper Remix)

Bring Me The Horizon – Blessed With A Curse (Draper Remix)


With great music comes a great load of people trying to make you do shit for them – as far as Draper is concerned, we’re very much guilty of this happenstance, alongside a bunch more of peeps vying for the attention of this clearly talented dude. DJ sets are a common occurence in locality, but we feel everyone is better off in the knowledge that the guy is bringing his liquidstep to invade London when he plays with Strangers at their single launch show. Which just happens to be at the Hoxton Bar & Kitchen on Wednesday 11th April. Which also happens to be free, if you’re quick enough to grab one or four of a limited number of freebie tickies, which are available by clicking here.


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