Jade Hopcroft

Jade Hopcroft

Bad news dudes. Our slightly-comedic but for right-now-disconcerting bout of mild vertigo (personally we still can’t believe the condition exists) has returned to mess us about a bit. We’re pleased (kinda) to report that this is in fact a result of a virus going around – aside from being laughed at by our physician, following saying this to literally everybody on the phone yesterday afternoon and evening, seems that more than a few of you lot have experienced similar discomfort in the few months gone past, although that could have just as easily been you getting really, really drunk – as opposed to us going completely mental, which given our lifeload at the moment is a relief to say the least. Given our head is more or less spinning 360-style right now, calmness is the order of this particular sunny March afternoon, and this couldn’t come in better form than young singer-songwriter Jade Hopcroft. Jade brings forth her acoustic guitar and powerful vocals from our spiritual musical home of Brighton (which we’ll be making a big ass announcement in regards to very soon indeed…) embodied in the title-track off her new-ish EP entitled Saint, fixed in form of the below video which depicts scenes of her wondering about, singing with the guitar in play with her buddies, and generally being all singer-songwritery. Musically, it is compelling on first, second and tenth listens, as we’re drawing down something that rests in-between Florence and/or her Machine and Imogen Heap‘s vocal configuration, and the penmanship of Lucy Rose and/or Daughter, although we feel its important to point out the music is projected in a much more assertive rather than breathey sort of way, and some moments of Dry The River and Kyla La Grange chucked in. Put your mind at ease and clamp your eyes and ears onto the below.


Also, discover just how good Jade’s voice is by virtue of this solo rooftop sessions. Nice touch with the seagulls.


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