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Acres Of Lions

Feels a little bit like a half-term break kids; or for those who don’t know what that means, it sorta feels like we’ve had a half-day at secondary school, and our perpetual exhaustion has momentarily been lifted in celebration of the fact that we know we don’t have to get up at half 6-ish (well, alright, more like 7ish) in the morning like we have done for the last three weeks solidly. When you factor into account that we end up working ostensibly till around 1-2am every evening, you’ll probs see why we feel a little more than deflated in those initial waking hours. Anyways, we’re spritely now, which is cool. A more spritely and uplifting soundtrack couldn’t come in better form than the summery-funness embodied in Acres Of LionsReaction. By way of a small introduction, this Canadian outfit released sophomore (that means their second in accordance with the US high school and/or collegiate systems) album Collections last September but is receiving a release over this side of the pond this summer through our chums at Fierce Panda, from which today’s TOTD is lifted good’n’proper. It may also be worth mentioning that this band features a couple o’ members from US punk rock outfit Against Me!, which may go some way to explaining the undertones of The Get Up Kids, Gaslight AnthemStatic Jacks and a bit of Philadelphia Grand Jury present here, but then again it may not as those are three very good acts to cite as influences in any event. Now touring hither and thither in order to promote said-album, we’re pretty chuffed to have these dudes in for the next Club Killing Moon next week, which you can check out deets for by clicking the conveniently-named tabClub Killing Moon above. In the meanwhile, have a goosey on this pretty uplifting vid.


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