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Laura Welsh

Let’s talk about how great the internet is without mentioning porn or illegally downloading music or movies. Okay? Okay. One of the great things about the internet is the concept of sharing and generally enhancing the notion of freedom of information. This is the perfect marriage of notions such as the desire to open our big mouths about something/nothing in particular (on the reg y’all, on the reg) with the desire to  make our operation seem a lot more sleek than it really is – on that note, we seriously need a haircut, the ol’ Darth Vader-like-helmet on our person is beginning to solidify. Employing the former and nonewithstanding the latter, seeing as you lot seem to love it anyway, obviously it is the miracle of the interweb, specifically electronic mail via which a PR from any particular firm can send us their wares, that has introduced us to Laura Welsh and her pretty soulful track entitled Ghosts. Utilising an impressive vocal display of strength along the same lines as was-supposed-to-be-a-big-deal-but-for-whatever-reason-wasn’t-as-big-a-deal-as-some-people-thought-but-she’s-still-got-a-great-voice Clare Maguire and Adele (it’s actually really hard to describe someone sounding a bit like Adele without actually mentioning Adele, and somehow we’ve mentioned it three times) in the modern context, as well as probably some much more dated, relevant and profound influences that we’re clearly too subdued to think of due to not really being alive at the time of their heyday, but something which the chaps over at The Von Pip Musical Express are clearly a lot better at than us anyway. This beautifully-sung tune is complimented by a beautifully-shot video (we’re particularly taken by the artistic shot of a half-eaten McDonald’s cheeseburger – a director after our own heart/tummy), viewable below, and you can also grab the track for nowt by heading over to the lady’s soundcloud right now.


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