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Two things we’ve taken from this weekend. Firstly, the overwhelming sense of irony (as well as inherent feelings of dread and fear for one’s own mortality) when we observe a professional athelete like Muamba who effectively runs around a lot and kicks a ball for a living (really well, mind) succumb to heart problems whilst surrounded by thousands and thousands of beer-swilling, pie-eating, CHD-bound fatties. Secondly, we’re amazed at the sheer amount of well-wishers who cite “praying” as their method of wishing well, when – although the sentiment is in any event not lost to us, or anyone else with a fully-functional brain for that matter – the subject of religious sovereignty is one that is mooted frequently in mass media; to us, this confirms that whether we care to admit it or not, we are terrified at the idea of being alone, or indeed not having someone or something to watch over us or have our backs when shit gets real. Anyway. Thinking too much. Must talk about music. Keep it real. Enter the rather talented Nadine Shah who brings her smoke-fumed track Runaway to the Killing Moon peeps. Upon performing our more-often-than-not-regular research routine (you knows it), we can confirm this is indeed one of those emerging artists that we really should have covered quite some time ago, given the lofty position we have elevated our ego blog into as of late. A child born of two very different cultural backgrounds (Pakistani and Norweigan, we were very much interested to learn), Nadine seems to have her very own identity at heart by virtue of living in Whitburn for ages gazing out at the sea and associated rocky cliffs – a sense of imagery that has been utilised more than once in reference to her music which she has been performing for a couple of years now, as far as we can tell. Musically, we’re getting the Bond-villian asthetic of Anna Calvi, the downbeat mundanity of The Organ and the smokey vocal stylings of Kyla La Grange – in other words, we think its really lovely stuff, and certainly a track to lose one’s head into while we wait for the album she’s currently working on with producer Ben Hillier.

Nadine Shah – Runaway

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  1. Nadine Shah : Good Bait

    […] 2012 will see the delivery of her debut album ‘Love Your Mum And Dad’ that she’s currently working on with producer Ben Hiller. Bizarrely 28 days ago she uploaded several tracks on the same day, with recording quality a lot higher than her previous demos making me consider that she may actually be giving away most of her debut album before its out? Either way, these recent songs show how she has developed a maturer and less stripped back sound that was floating around a couple of years ago. There doesn’t seem to be a huge deal of talk about her online just yet, but I expect that to change in the forthcoming weeks. We can’t find any word on when her next London show is, but we will certainly be attending the next one. Via Killing Moon Limited. […]

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