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The Physics House Band

Tired. Really fucking tired dudes. So, nothing new there. The reason? We went and boomed it up in Brighton last night to see a couple of guys about a couple of bits. Well, perhaps booming it up is a slight overstatement (probably the residual Red Bull talking there), but we certainly enjoyed bearing witness to some ruddy good acts. However, that round-about-midnight buzz that you get from flying along the M23 whilst listening to Bluebell and My Vitriol really, really loudly seems like a distant memory when you have to rise at 6.30am (IT FEELS LIKE IT ANYWAY) for the 30th consecutive day and your face pretty much exactly resembles the dark side of the moon – in contrast to the above non-newness, we’re actually typing and formatting this on our iPhone on the way to a meeting somewhere around Notting Hill, just to illustrate the kind of state you might imagine us to be in right now. Still, we’ve got company in form of one of the bands we were lucky enough to catch last night, who are the interestingly-named The Physics House Band. One Brighton-based prominent music blogger having described them as “a band for musicians”, we can absolutely see their point; Titan itself being very much a prime example of the band’s overal sonic presence, which to us is not a million miles removed from Tall Ships, and perhaps some moments of 65 Days Of Static and Fall Of Troy whacked more into the sound generality, although not necessarily in today’s TOTD. Indeed, the pace, stamina and articulation of today’s protaganists’ rhythm section may indeed rival that of current genre flag-bearers Three Trapped Tigers. “You’d have to be off your nut to enjoy this” touted one of many spectators during last night’s performance; if that is the case, we’re very much off our nut, and like their contemporaries, we feel these guys have a very interesting future ahead of them. If we’re being totally honest these recordings fall slightly short of matching up to the intensity of the live show – however, seeing as we were to busy woblling our head about to the mad-ass time signatures during the set, you’ll just have to make do with this for the time being. Which really isn’t that bad at all.


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