“Sound Of Screams”

This weather is really beginning to mess us up. Is it summer already? It’s not like we don’t have enough issues already with our near-Tokyo time sleeping habits hitting the proverbial hay at what might be considered by most people reading this to be a “normal” sort of time – in fact, to add to those issues, our facial hairs’ nocturnal growth seems to be increasingly more etiolated (in that they are getting greyer, and sporadically several will become elongated by a good 5cm for apparently no reason whatsoever) in inverse proportions to the amount of sleep we can acheive in one sitting. Now we’ve got mukry and often-sticky summer-like warmth to contend with on top of all that. Flipping to the more-obvious side of the summer coin: HEY IT’S PRETTY MUCH SUMMER. Which invariably means summery tunes must be ahoy – in contrast to that associated care-free-festivalish-lifestyle, today we’ve got the latest deliberately-enigmatic band to arrive on the indie-pop scene (that’s not to at all understate how good we think they are, merely an observation that this sort of sound is sticking particularly with young males these days – your Bastille‘s, Jethro Fox‘s, Swiss Lips‘ for example…) which just so happens to be a London outfit by the name of Thumpers. We should again attribute credit appropriately to LFC’s Jeremy Lloyd who clearly didn’t go to the gig he was meant to go to last night in Dalston (having spent most of the day in the North Star pub with ourselves and another good buddy of ours, plan-hatching but also beer-drinking) and instead felt the need to text us about this lot at circa 11pm last night/whenever Deep Impact was on BBC3. As is inherent, right and proper with bands who want a little bit of mystique ahead of splashing into the buzz completely, and also quite usefully for us as we’re a little bit tired and hungry to start digging around in the name of background research, there is very little we’d be able to tell you about this lot – other than they seem to have a thing for hipstamatic pictures of brightly-coloured balloons in different locations/scenarios, that they’re likely male (although we have very recently been fooled before), and they sound a bit like something in between Big Kids, Wu Lyf, Modest Mouse and The Bewitched Hands all prancing along to the rhythm of Korn‘s Twist. Sound Of Screams seems brimming with potential and a stimuli to the listener to want to know more; for right now, we’re more than happy to kick back to this to ease into a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Thumpers – Sound Of Screams

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