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Work Drugs
“License To Drive”

Yeah, so, we’re not going to SXSW. Again. Fuck you. Yeah, you, the smart-ass music company rep going all “ooooooh yes, I have my special little badge and numerous other badges and a healthy expense account all in the name of furthering business for my company but really Imma get trollied for, oh, four or five days I’d say; while you miserable poor sods stay behind in pleb-town and pick each other’s butts” whilst reading this. It’s not all bad really, despite our obvious envy (that’s what you want to hear, right? Bastards) – much like football matches, there’s always far more where that came from – and besides which, given the amount we’ve been moaning about being busy and the consequential sleep-deprivation and that a sizable chunk of the UK music biz will be out booming it up in Austin, we may well be able to chill out for at least a week. Hell, that’s as close to a summer holiday we’re gonna get this side of March. Indeed, the phrase “summer holiday” is one that instantly springs to mind when listening to this quite-frankly outstanding track from Philadelphia’s Work Drugs, who happen to be the second band from yesterday’s Amazing Radio panel sesh that we’ve duly decided to lift’n’share (cheers to Charlie and Chris for effectively doing our job in this respect for us). From this blogger’s perspective, they are seemingly huge in their native stomping ground, but only recently started to make in-roads to the ears, hearts and minds of us UK folk, largely thanks to the aforementioned radio platform that prides itself on delivering bands of this ilk consistently (you really should have nominated them, Music Week). License To Drive has really got us in the mood for the summer that’s just starting to rear its beautiful sun-rayed head into the London landscape – taking the best parts of Empire Of The Sun and MGMT‘s calmer moments, and colliding it with the smoothed-out styles of Theme Park and League has resulted in the most feel-good tune we’ve encountered so far this year. No wonder they call it sedative-wave and/or smooth-fi.

Work Drugs – License To Drive

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