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The theme for today/that last bit of Sunday has been: does anyone know what they’re actually supposed to be doing? Or, rather as we should re-phrase that, shouldn’t people be more mindful of what they’re doing rather than what somebody else is doing? We mean for that to be as much applicable to us as it is to more than a few people we’ve dealt with over the last couple of days. We’ll share that experience with you, as opposed to relating this to somebody else in case we get told off/sued for defamation – in one particular planning meeting that took place recently, yours truly had spent so much time preparing notes based on the various other functions other team members were engaged in that we somehow overlooked our supposed realm of expertise on the one consistent thing that got us to this point in the first place, which of course is the KM blog. What an idiotic boob we were. Maybe we’re not as smart as we think we are. Maybe we need a break. Maybe, just maybe, London’s Shere Khan could soundtrack that very break with the aptly-titled Distance (unless we go in there all guns blazing with our sarcastic-tinged know-it-allism, in which case they may just feel the need to put us in our rightful place). Sent our way by one of our good buddies-in-crime Tam at Metropolis Studios – where, coincidentally, we’re having a thingy at tomorrow which you may well have received an invite to recently – despite the obvious not-quite-Metropolis sound quality of the recordings we’ve latched our ear-bits onto, it’s pretty clear to us that with a bit of fleshing-out, some know-how and elbow grease (or at least some decent mastering), this could well be one of our favourite songs to have surfaced this side of 2012. And for why? Because we’re hearing moments of Talking Heads, Husker Du, Bowie (yeah, lay into us for thinking big, you bastards) rolled into one – and we won’t lie, a personal nerve is hit when we find ourselves reminded of KM homebrews Guilty Sleep and Ill Fits at more than one instance.

Shere Khan – Distance

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