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Clean Bandit
“UK Shanty”

This is gonna be one sweet, sweeeeeeet weekend ladies and gents. We got it all figured out for tonight. Yes, it involves chicken, but more to the point our special ladyfriend bought a film called The Other F-word (aka Punk Rock Dads) quite a while back on US import that has finally arrived. We’re also house-sitting for our folks, and so this in tandem means we’ve got full use of the 3D/HD widescreen badboy sitting in the living room (back of would-be robbers, we will fight you for this) as opposed to having to watch the online-interactive TV Guide that our Dad seems to exclusively watch every time we hang out. We may even help ourselves to our old man’s whiskey collection. So, just to recap: chicken, DVD, massive telly, whiskey.  Summing up the feel-good Friday mood we’re in rather nicely are the fast-rising multi-vocalist collective Clean Bandit. Following a recommendation from a Killing Moon associate some weeks back, we cannot help but feel slightly gutted that we’ve only just got round to plonking up a quickie TOTD feature for these chaps, but on the flipside this is a textbook start to any aspirational bands’ career – the last few days have seen them perform a live session on Radio 1, have substantially more than a cheeky mention on Channel 4’s Random Acts, and receive personal props from XFM’s Mary Anne Hobbes. And that, if you’ll pardon the pun, is how a bunch of bandits go about cleaning up. Leading this promotional charge is the lead track from their debut EP released at the end of February called UK Shanty (this particular track featuring the vocals of one Lily Cole), aided in no small part by it’s stunning counterpart video clip. Musically, we feel most people would be hard-pressed to cite any underlying elements or influences, as indeed many-a commenter has remarked at how different this sounds to most of what’s floating about at the moment – however, seeing as we like to make shit up in this respect anyway, we’re just gonna go ahead and say we think this sounds a bit like Hot Chip doing Pengilly‘s. Yeah, we thought you’d like that. We think you’ll like the song even more.


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