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Why, HEYLO boys and girls. What’s the happy-haps? You’re looking great today. Did you change your hair? Nice, nice. We’re in a good mood today. Yeah, y’all read that right – we’re not moaning about anything today. Nada. Zip. We’re not even going to moan about how much we moan. “It’s the codeine”, you might be thinking. Funnily enough, it’s not, but a high nonetheless. In fact we’re positively still buzzing on account of how ridiculously well last night’s installment of Club Killing Moon went. There was singing. There was drinking. There was dancing. At one point, there was a wide-screen telly on the stage (if memory serves correctly for Lux Lisbon‘s set – a blur occurred somewhere in-between theirs and Kill Van Kulls‘ respective sets owing to how mindblowingly-brilliant all the band performing were). Of course, we were sat down for a sizeable proportion of the night (had a bad back, innit, not that we’re moaning about it), but vibes were at a premium and operating at peak performance. While the good times are indeed rolling, let us all be thankful to our buddy Dave over at Soundcloud for sending us this nugget of musical platinum over to our inbox, which just happens to be a taster of a forthcoming EP from dubsteppers Lorena B. Well, we say dubstep, and what they say is “post-dubstep”, which as we all know is latin for “after-dubstep”. It is probably worth pointing out at this stage that we know next-to-nothing about dubstep, or indeed it’s derivative genre (somewhat unashamedly, we are the only people we know of out of our musically-orientated friendship circles that has never listened to Skrillex. We do know it goes “wub-wuuuuuub-wubwubwub” though). However, we’re constantly punching above our weight, so we’re not going to break away from convention just yet. On face value, Waste give us the sonic impression of AlunaGeorge buddying up with 14th and Lykke Li and doing SBTRKT hard enough to the point that something like this is resultant. Scratching the surface reveals a production value that progressively could rival that of the aforementioned and more than a few others, and in contrast to some, this song has somehow stuck in our head all day. Plus they’re from Tel Aviv, so really that makes them seem all the more cooler. Having stormed their way through London for most of February, most recently at Proud Galleries, the Lorena B party machine arrives at 93 Feet East on 8th March.


Wub (post).


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  1. Uri Klar

    Labeling Lorena B as dubstep (pre, post or during..) is taking so much away from them.
    They’re first album is pure ‘James Blake took some rocking pills’ shit!

    • killingmoonlimited

      A valid point. However, please bear in mind:
      (1) They actually labelled themselves post-dubstep. We were taking the piss a little bit. Mainly as we don’t even know what plain run-of-the-mill dubstep is, which already sounds like a wanky statement to make in it’s own right.
      (2) We hate extensive musicology-based research. Always have, always will. We make our own fuckin’ rules around here. That’s the beauty of being creator, editor and writer of your own blog. The downside is it’s knackering, so really we only spend a maximum of 20 mins from sourcing to posting about new music that grabs our attention. Neat huh?

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