Montage populaire_FI

Montage Populaire
“Reject Reinstall”

There’s an Alkaline Trio song (from the seminal album From Here To Infirmary) by the name of Standard Break From Life with a poignant lyric that goes “when you’re only 23 it’s not attractive to complain about your sore back”. Well, we don’t mind telling people we’re a slight older than 23, and we’re therefore pretty sure the unattractiveness Mr. Addriano is referring to is magnified ten times per year beyond this age when we tell you we have managed to fuck our back. Not in the we’re-hospitalised sense, more the we-really-need-to-moan-about-it-so-everybody-knows sense. Obviously. However, we find ourselves enthralled, possibly even uplifted – if you’ve been reading the blog recently, you’ll know that this is a big deal indeed under the circumstances – by this storming new track from monster-mash five-piece Montage Populaire. Recent signings to our buddies over at Popular Recordings, who will be putting out new EP Not All Bombs Explode on 19th March, these guys have already popped up on a plethora of much-more-articulate-than-us-and-therefore-not-having-to-stretch-out-entire-sentences-into-a-conjonied-by-dashes-ridiculously-long-word blogs due to the psychadelic video for lead track Reject Reinstall. The music is quite frankly brilliant – somewhere in between Dom being fronted by that blonde singing-drummer dude from Blood Red Shoes, and The Horrors having it away with Arcade Fire, with some rather generous usage of the Hammond Organ chucked in throughout. Any which way, we’re loving this, and we’re pretty sure most people would too. Here’s hoping that any festival wishing for a decent injection of fun in the summer to come will pick up these guys, because when we listen to this, it’s as if the summer has already arrived.


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