Zebra & Snake_FI

Zebra and Snake
“Sweetest Treasure”

Fucking hell. Friday could not have come sooner dudes. This week has been laden with all manners of cock-ups for us. Yes, after running on full steam and firing on all cylinders for longer than we’re able to remember (so more than a month then), our little world went up in proverbial flames when our beloved email account decided to say “Hey, you know what? Fuck you buddy. We’re having a week off. You’re on your own asshole. See how you deal with life without us”. To be fair, we coped (there’s always Facebook) but that’s not to say we weren’t panicking slightly by today and we’re very thankful to have our special ladyfriend who knows about internet-computer-type stuff and has a great ability to make problems such as these just, like, go away. On that very note, sentiment, as always around here at Killing Moon HQ, begets an appropriately-named Track Of The Day, and it just so happens that we’ve been sitting on Sweetest Treasure by Helsinki electro-popsters Zebra & Snake for such an occasion for a little while now. Our red-eyed (not high, unfortunately, just knackered) and light-headed (not drunk, unfortunately, just hungry) in-depth research into this duplicitously-named outfit has revealed that they have been rolling in the deep for quite some time in relation to the new-music scale, having surfaced waaaaaaaaay back in 2009/2010 on the remix front for the likes of The Good Natured and/or Apples. Neither of which, in our opinion, sound anything like our protagonists for today, which to our crazy-ass ears, sounds like a strange but nevertheless viable concoction of New Order with White Lies with David Bowie. Which sounds mental, but it somehow works brilliantly. Heat is assembling nicely in the anticipation of these guys unleashing their debut EP of the same name as our current Track Of The Day, dropping on 27th February (i.e. Monday) via 100% Records, and for now you can get familiar with the excellent video featuring kids dressing up in an awfully-similar-to-Where The Wild Things Are-style, standing around and wondering about in a forest. With balloons. Catch them at The Nest in Daslton, if you’re not as pooped as we are.


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