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Spring Offensive

Mid-week-gotta-bust-a-move real quick cha-cha-real-smooth style kids. Translation: we’ve got to be in Brixton in about an hour (from Ealing – we like those odds), as our mates over at Laissez Faire Club and/or 9PR have been bugging asking us very nicely for quite some time if we’d like to go and see their US indie hot-shots The Static Jacks do their trademark crazy rock’n’roll thing at Brixton Academy tonight where they will be supporting The Wombats. It shall be glorious. However, having actually planned today’s TOTD way in advance, all of 2 days ago, we’re not placated in our usual “what the fuck are we doing” mode that usually sets in around this time of day. And on that note, let’s get stuck in: Oxford’s current songwriting champions Spring Offensive, who we introduced to y’all a little while back, have today dropped the new video for live favourite Carrier. The band have successfully managed to transpose their personalised format of tunage, vis-a-vis akin to the stylings of contemporaries Wild Beasts, Stornoway and a bit o’ Dry The River, into a tasteful and expansively-themed promo that, unlike a lot of bands in the genre, doesn’t actually overshadow the delivery of the song itself at all – rather, somewhat pleasingly, it amplifies the semtiment perfectly (we’re not going to tell you what that sentiment is, mainly as we’re pressed for time, but also because you really need to listen to it in order to get it). All the more better news comes in the form that the track will be receiving a release proper next month followed by a tour. Come to London boys, come to London…


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