“In The Jungle”

So, what SHALL we belly-ache about today? The fact our emails are still giving us the run-around? That we practically cried down the phone to a music lawyer today? Or the 3-month post-haircut Darth Vader style mullet has pretty much set in? Or that our invite to The Brit Awards seems to have gotten lost in the post AGAIN? None of those at all, dear readership. For today, we’ve decided to go all grassroots on your ass in the way we market our daily whines, in that if any of you are lucky enough to hang out with us over the next couple of weeks (and vice-versa, obviously), you will be treated to a free, exclusive and highly personal moaning session all of your very own. Yes sir, we’re going all intimate with our moaning performances, coming to a pub or other drinking establishment near you soon. Think of it as being invited to a secret show of sorts, if that helps. Anyway. Music. Elliphant are from Sweden, and in line with a number of Scandinavian acts we’ve recently been featuring on the Killing Moon blog they’re hotter than a burning star and set to be bigger than a bread box thanks to the rapturous reception from the music press and online community following the recent surfacing of current Track Of The Day In The Jungle. If you’re thinking a rework of Solomon Linda‘s folky tune with sporadic “wimoweh’s” chucked in hither and thither you’d be pretty much completely wrong (although that might be kinda cool, Starslinger…); rather this rather-short-but-nevertheless-poignant 2 minute wonder, at least in our minds, is a combination of visual and sonic aesthetics akin to the likes of Fever Ray, Chromeo, Audio Bullys and MIA. Oh, and it comes with a pretty mind-fucky video too, which given our current mindset we’re obviously lapping up. No sign of tourdates just yet, but we’d prophesise that the Global Gatherers, Field Dayers or Loveboxers amongst you might just get lucky this year.


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