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North Bay

Bit of a train-crash yesterday kids. Stress returned to bother our brain and mess with our mind. We temporarily lost perspective on shit in an outburst of aggression that was unfortunately directed to those closest to us, who really didn’t deserve it. To them: our apologies. We don’t know what we were thinking. We’re getting back on it now though, and we’re positively as calm as a Hindu cow; in no small part aided by the calming musical zephyr eminating from Oxford’s North Bay (a band, not a location, for those of a more geographical disposition – although that doesn’t apply insofar as personal headspace is concerned seeing as this music really does take us away to a better place) who have recently landed on the interwebsville with all the grace of an angelic harpsman. In fact, that might be a more appropriate introduction than we originally thought (seeing as we just made it up) as we’ve only just seen that this is in fact one of those special one-man-band efforts. Charming. Disseminating our latest and long-overdue double whammy tracker-of-the-day energy bar, we’re getting a whiff of Sigur Ros, a hint of Mogwai, a sprog of Masks and a asthetic modicum of Wu Lyf. But more to the point, we’re getting an overwhelming sense of self-fulfillment by an artist that truly cares about what they’re doing. Get some below.

North Bay – Echo (demo)

North Bay – Breath (demo)

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